"The power of on time successful execution and in time support"

     Over the last 25 years, we have firmly believed in customer centric business practices  and have firmly stuck to our values & ethical practices brought quality in executions.

     Today, the most successful organizations across industries have a one thing in common. They strive to improve customer experiences, align to emerging technologies, and are extremely efficient in their SERVICES & SUPPORT.

     The thought process within us has been that there is no standard template for services for every customer . The expectations from IT infrastructure and IT Service Providers of all the customers remain intrinsically different from each other based on the organization size, infrastructure size, criticality, location, internal skill sets, and business practices.

     CISPL offers you a wide array of comprehensive services that address issues related to your IT Infrastructure management and performance. There are choices galore where you could opt only for the onsite services or adopt a hybrid solution of managing your Infrastructure and onsite troubleshooting and other support services that can exactly match your requirements and expectations.

We Offer Services & Support

Computer, IT infrastructure management

UPS , PAC, Cooling & power management

Networking monitoring & remote support

Hardware Maintenance & Repair Services

Service Desk Management

Desktop Management

Datacenter & Server Administration

Messaging Administration

Back-up Management

Anti - Virus Services

Asset Management

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